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Mixing and mastering

We provided industry standard mixing and mastering of your music and get your song(s) to a professional level.

From radio to clubs, streaming services to cinema and TV we offer our services for all budgets and musical styles.

Composing and Sounddesign

We deliver tailor made music and compositions for shows, film, television and more. Over 2 decades we have worked on many different projects for clients like Alda Events, UDC, Pathé, Mastercard, T-Mobile and many more.

Free Studio Tools

Download our ‘Production Cheat Sheets’ for FREE!
Designed to equip you with a treasure trove of tips,
tricks and comprehensive guides that will enhance
your productivity in the studio.


Step into the world of 85 Audio, a dynamic company that has been deeply entrenched in the music industry for over two thrilling decades. We’ve been on a remarkable journey, honing our craft and mastering the art of music creation to perfection. Our passionate mission revolves around enhancing your creative journey and making it seamless, taking your music to professional heights.

At the core of our offerings lie high-quality, royalty-free samples that serve as the building blocks of your artistic vision.
These meticulously crafted samples are the very essence of inspiration, empowering you to create magnificent melodies and beats that resonate with your audience.

Embrace the power of our sample packs and instruments, meticulously designed to unlock new dimensions of sound and push the boundaries of your creativity. These tools are a treasure trove of sonic possibilities, elevating your productions to unmatched levels of excellence.

We are not just content with aiding your creativity; we are determined to provide a nurturing platform for you to shine.
Our exclusive, tailor-made platform awaits, where you can release your very own sample packs or even launch your music on our esteemed record label (coming soon) to set the music world ablaze.

Our achievements speak volumes. Over the years, we’ve composed, mixed, and mastered a diverse array of musical masterpieces that have graced the vibrant halls of clubs, enchanted the airwaves of radio stations, and woven magic on the big screens of cinema and TV.

Picture this: mesmerizing radio jingles and captivating show intros, brought to life for brands like Alda Events, New Horizons, UDC, Pathé, Mastercard, and T-Mobile,among other names. Our work, released on A-labels like Spinnin Records, Toolroom, Armada, and a multitude of other respected platforms, has garnered recognition from music enthusiasts worldwide.

Now, the stars have aligned, and the time has come to realize our long-cherished dream—a digital haven for all things music. We extend a warm invitation for you to connect with us, to share your inquiries, and to submit
your brilliant sample pack ideas or music for our team’s expert review.

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