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Brazilian Drums by Dudu Capoeira Vol.2

Step into the vibrant world of Brazilian percussion with our new Second Edition of the Brazilian drums Sample Pack by Dudu Capoeira. Crafted with meticulous care and expertise, this collection brings you an even richer assortment of high-quality, authentic Brazilian drum sounds, elevating your music production to new heights.

Craft Brazilian-inspired beats that transcend genres. Whether you’re conjuring the spirit of samba, infusing bossa nova charm, or harnessing the energy of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, this sample pack empowers you to break barriers. Seamlessly integrate Brazilian elements into diverse musical genres and witness your compositions flourish.

Each sound is a masterpiece on its own, engineered to perfection. Spend less time troubleshooting audio and more time refining your musical vision.
Our royalty-free license ensures that you can confidently use these samples in your commercial projects, sparing you the hassle of navigating complex licensing hurdles.

Compatible with all digital audio workstations (DAW’s), including Ableton Live and Logic Pro, this sample pack offers a user-friendly experience for producers at every level. Effortlessly overcome technical barriers and keep the focus on your music.

What’s included:


    • 364 authentic Brazilian drum sounds
      66 Caixa, 21 Pandeiro, 52 Repique, 146 Shaker, 42 Timbal, 37 Vocals.
    • DAW support Ableton Live & Logic Pro (coming soon)
    • Royalty free samples
    • Total File Size 175MB (unzipped)

Get the ‘Brazilian Drums by Dudu Capoeira Vol.2’ sample pack here!

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