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808 Tape Machine

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The ‘808 Tape Machine’ pack features iconic sounds from the legendary Roland TR808 drum machine, enhanced by the warm and analog character of tape.

This combination creates a unique vintage sound that producers crave. The tape saturation and analog processing adds a rich texture and harmonic depth to the 808 sounds, making them stand out in mixes and adding a touch of analog warmth.

The sample pack is designed to seamlessly integrate into various digital audio workstations (DAWs) ensuring that both novice and experienced producers can quickly incorporate these sounds into their projects.

The pack offers a wide range of 808 sounds suitable for various music genres, from hip-hop and electronic to pop and beyond.
Instead of spending hours fine-tuning individual drum sounds, producers can save time by using professionally processed and
pre-tuned 808 samples that are ready to drop into their projects. The distinctive character of the ‘808 Tape Machine’ sounds
can serve as a creative spark, inspiring producers to experiment with new melodies, rhythms, and arrangements.

The sample pack comes with a royalty-free license, giving producers the freedom to use the sounds in their commercial projects without worrying about legal constraints.

What’s included:

  • 162 Audio samples
    25 Kicks, 5 Bass Lines, 18 Bass Shots, 13 Claps, 12 Cymbals,
    18 Hi hats, 26 Percussion hits, 15 Snares.
  • MIDI files
  • Songstarters 
  • DAW support
  • Royalty free samples

*Some additional processing and instruments may have been used creating the demo song.


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