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Production Cheatsheets

We at 85 Audio are proud the share our new ‘Cheatsheet’ series, we get you up and running with tips, tricks and guides you can keep at hand in the studio to work better and faster! What’s included: Piano scales12…


Introducing: TECH HOUSE VOL.1 We are very excited to be back with a brand new sample pack called TECH HOUSE VOL.1 More then 300+ carefully crafted Tech House sounds to get those bouncing tech vibes in your productions.All sounds are recorded and processed…



We are thrilled to share our latest preset pack ‘Sylenth1 Essentials Vol.1’ Presets, MIDI files, Songstarters and high quality audio files to use in any DAW and sampler. *You’ll need the LennarDigital Sylenth1 VST/AU (excluded) to use these presets, in…


Introducing: 808 ESSENTIALS

We are back with a brand new sample pack called 808 ESSENTIALS by Bryan Dalton. More then 300+ classic 808 sounds to help you get that vintage sound to your productions.All sounds are carefully recorded and processed to get started…


Introducing: Afro & Tech Vol.1

We are very proud to share our brand new sample pack called ‘AFRO&TECH VOL.1’ 300+ Carefully produced sounds to get your production to the next level! Bass Loops 20x + Midi 10x Drum Fills 5x Claps & Snares 30x Cymbals…


Production Talk #005

Mid/Side is a technique to adjust the mid (mono) and side (stereo) information of the audio separately. There are many reasons you would want to use Mid/Side processing, for example to achieve a fuller, wider or more balanced mix. A…


Bryan Dalton – Moreira

Bryan Dalton releases his brand new track ‘Moreira’ on Vamos Music!


Bryan Dalton – Rituals

Bryan’s latest track ‘Rituals’ it available now! ‘Rituals’ combines tribal & tech elements for a perfect killer track! Released on ‘King Of Drums’ by Genairo Nvilla. Listen to the preview via the link below..


Production Talk #004

Reverb is all around us, it gives dimension to the things we perceive by ear. It can make things sound very large, small, far or nearby. Reverb is an extremely handy tool to work with in your projects and i…

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