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90’s Synths

The ’90’s Synths’ pack transports producers back to the iconic sounds of the 1990s, capturing the essence of that era’s music production, allowing them to infuse their tracks with a touch of nostalgia.The meticulously crafted samples and songstarters in the pack save producers countless hours of sound design, enabling them to focus on composing and arranging their music.With a wide range of synth sounds, from shimmering leads to pulsating basses, the pack suits various music genres like electronic, dance, pop, and more, enhancing its usability across projects. The unique character of ’90s synths’ can spark fresh creative ideas, pushing producers beyond their comfort zones and inspiring them to explore new musical directions.

’90’s Synths’ includes a broad professionally recorded and processed collection of samples that cover everything from classic house stabs to lush pads, providing a comprehensive palette of sounds. All samples are royalty-free, empowering producers to use them in their tracks without worrying about copyright issues or additional costs.

What’s Included
219 Audio samples: 24 Arpeggios, 44 Bass sounds, 20 FX, 36 Pads, 7 Percussion hits, 76 Synth sounds.
12 MIDI Files
12 Songstarters
DAW support: Ableton Live & Logic Pro (coming soon)
Royalty free samples
Total File Size 263MB (unzipped)

Get the ’90s Synth’ sample pack here!

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