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Kalimba Elements

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Recorded with top-notch gear, ‘Kalimba Elements’ offers pristine, authentic, and detailed kalimba sounds. Producers can expect professional-grade audio output, enhancing the overall quality of their productions.

The instrument is designed to be compatible with both Kontakt by Native Instruments and standard DAW samplers, allowing users to integrate it seamlessly into their existing workflow. This versatility saves time and effort while expanding creative possibilities.

‘Kalimba Elements’ offers a user-friendly custom made interface, making it easy for producers of all skill levels to play and experiment with the instrument effortlessly. This intuitive design addresses the pain point of complexity in using virtual instruments and fosters a positive user experience.

Multiple velocity layers and round-robin samples are provided for each articulation, capturing the nuances of real kalimba playing, the instrument also comes with a comprehensive FX section, including Filters, reverb, delay, and modulation effects, allowing users to shape the kalimba sound according to their preferences.

‘Kalimba Elements’ covers a diverse range of kalimba types, tunings, and sizes. This extensive collection empowers producers to explore different musical styles and moods, enriching their compositions. With powerful built-in effects and sound-shaping options,
users can tailor the kalimba sound to fit their specific production needs. This level of customization helps customers achieve unique and personalized sounds.

What’s included:

    • 4 Kalimba Types (Dry, Layered, Lo-Fi and Lo-Fi Pitched)
    • 250+ audio files
    • Round robin
    • Native instruments Kontakt (support for version 5.8 and above)
    • DAW support
    • Royalty free samples

*Some additional processing and instruments may have been used creating the demo song.


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