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Brazilian Drums by Dudu Capoeira



This sample pack offers a wide range of high-quality, authentic Brazilian drum samples, meticulously recorded and curated by Dudu Capoeira himself. This ensures that producers get access to the genuine sounds of traditional Brazilian percussion instruments, enhancing the overall production quality.

The pack includes a diverse selection of drum samples, including caixa, pandeiro, repique, shakers and more. This versatility allows producers to create various genres of music, such as samba, bossa nova, Afro-Brazilian beats, and even incorporate Brazilian elements into other genres, expanding their creative possibilities.

Each sample is professionally mixed and mastered, providing producers with studio-quality sounds. This saves time and effort, enabling musicians to focus on composing and arranging their music instead of fixing audio issues. The sample pack comes with a royalty-free license, allowing producers to use the sounds in their commercial projects without worrying about copyright issues. This eliminates legal complexities and reduces costs associated with licensing and clearances.

By offering pre-recorded, high-quality samples, the pack allows producers to focus on their creative process and reduce the time spent on sound design and (field) recording.

The samples are formatted to work seamlessly with all major digital audio workstations (DAWs), making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced producers. This ensures a smooth workflow and avoids any technical hurdles.

What’s included:

  • 348 authentic Brazilian drum sounds
    63 Caixa, 20 Pandeiro, 51 Repique, 141 Shaker, 40 Timbal, 33 Vocals.
  • DAW support 
  • Royalty free samples

*Some additional processing and instruments may have been used creating the demo song.


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