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Production Cheatsheets

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Our brand-new ‘Production cheat sheets’ are available for FREE! These cheat sheets are designed to equip you with a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and comprehensive guides that will significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency in the studio. Keep them handy and experience an elevated level of work quality and speed like never before!

  • Piano scale cheat sheets are practical tools that assist pianists in mastering scales, improving technique, and deepening their understanding of music theory. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pianist, incorporating these cheat sheets into your practice routine can be highly beneficial for your musical journey.
  • Compression cheat sheets provide guidance on how to set parameters for audio compression effectively. Audio compression is a crucial tool in the music production and audio engineering process, used to control the dynamic range of audio signals and achieve a more balanced and polished sound.
  • Note-to-frequency cheat sheets provide a quick and easy reference guide for audio engineers and musicians to identify the corresponding frequencies of musical notes on the equalizer (EQ). An EQ is a crucial tool used in audio processing to adjust the balance of frequencies in a sound, allowing for fine-tuning and shaping the overall tonal quality.

What’s included:

  • Piano scales
    12 Major scales, 12 Minor scales
  • Compression
    Compression guide, Tips and tricks
  • Note to frequency
    7 Octaves, Note equalizing


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