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Introducing: Sounds Like MOOG

‘Sounds Like MOOG’ offers a playable instrument filled with sounds recorded from analog synthesizers by MOOG, ensuring that producers can achieve that classic, warm, and rich sound in their productions without spending a lot of money.

The instrument provides a wide range of presets and sound shaping options, allowing producers to customize and tweak the sounds to suit their specific musical styles and preferences. The instrument is compatible with Kontakt by Native Instruments and standard DAW samplers, ensuring effortless integration into existing music production workflows.

The samples are recorded directly from original Moog synthesizers using top-notch equipment, maintaining the highest audio quality possible. The intuitive custom made interface makes it easy for producers of all skill levels to navigate and use the instrument effectively without any steep learning curve.

‘Sounds Like MOOG’ includes features like velocity sensitivity, aftertouch, and modulation options, allowing for expressive and dynamic performances.

Producers often struggle to find authentic analog sounds in digital instruments, but ‘Sound Like MOOG’ solves this problem by delivering genuine MOOG synthesizer sounds. Every producer has a unique style, and the ability to customize sounds helps them create music that aligns with their artistic vision.

What’s included:


    • 100 Presets
    • 2500+ audio files
    • Round robin
    • Native instruments Kontakt (support for version 5.8 and above)
    • DAW support: Ableton Live & Logic Pro (coming soon)
    • Royalty free samples
    • Total File Size: 2 GB


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