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Introducing: Vintage Machines

Vintage Machines offers over 200 recorded audio samples from classic analog gear like Roland, DMX, and Linndrum,
ensuring producers get an authentic, timeless sound that can’t be replicated by digital emulations.

The samples are professionally recorded using high-end equipment, preserving the nuances and warmth of the original hardware,
guaranteeing top-notch quality for producers’ music productions. Vintage Machines provides a wide range of sounds,
allowing producers to use the pack across various music genres and styles, enhancing their creativity and versatility.

The sample pack is well-organized with labeled files, making it convenient for producers to find the perfect sound quickly during their creative process.
Instead of spending hours synthesizing or sampling sounds, producers can focus on composing music immediately using these ready-to-use samples,
saving valuable time and effort.

Vintage Machines comes with a royalty-free license, granting producers the freedom to use the samples in their tracks without worrying
about copyright issues or additional costs.

What’s included:


    • 204 Audio samples
      30 Bass Sounds, 15 Claps, 20 Closed Hats, 10 Cymbals, 2 FX, 30 Kicks,
      12 Open Hats, 13 Percussion Hits, 2 Rides, 40 Snares, 30 Toms
    • DAW support Ableton Live & Logic Pro (coming soon)
    • Royalty free samples
    • Total File Size 28MB

Get the ‘Vintage Machines’ sample pack here!

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